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Industrial Maintenance

Instructor – David Woods

Industrial Maintenance is a dual enrollment only course taught at ACCTC. While in high school, students can take three seperate industrial maintenance classes. Class A include instruction in precision measurement, working with tools at height and rigging. Class B includes an introduction to AC and DC electricity as well as working with digital multimeters. Class C exposes students to industrial wiring and electrical service. While enrolled students have the oppurtunity to complete training in multiple industrial certifications. Students will be able to use TN Promise dollars to continue their education!

OSHA-10, NC3 Precision Measurement, NC3 Tools@Height, NC3 Digital Multimeter

TCAT Knoxville – Industrial Maintenance

The Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics Technology Program (IMM) is designed and managed to produce highly skilled individuals in the areas of mechanical and electrical industrial machinery repair. The program consists of Mechanical Training, to include numerous types of power transmission techniques, belt drive systems, chain drives, alignment methods, and also coupling methods. Students are trained in pneumatic and hydraulic symbology, operation and application. Student training includes basic electrical motor control, sensors, motor drives, AC and DC motor theory and operation and troubleshooting. The program ends with an extensive training period of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training, to include both programming and troubleshooting. As part of the IMM program training, students are exposed to a considerable amount of math.