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Instructor- Russ Gillum

Welding Technology is a dual enrollment course taught at ACCTC. While in high school, students can take three Welding Technology courses in which some hours count towards post-secondary training. Welding I focus on safety, welding equipement setup and usage, welding processes to include 1G SMAW welding.  Welding II continues with a deeper knowlwdge of welding process and pushes students to excellence in 3G welding posistions. Welding III challenges students to hone their 3G welding skills as well as the oppurtunity to practice and certifcy on pipe. Welding Technology students will be able to use TN Promise dollars to continue their education!

OSHA-10, ANSI Certification

TCAT Knoxville – Welding Technology

The Welding Technology program prepares the student for certification in a variety of welding techniques and processes. Students begin doing basic welding beads and progress step-by-step to achieve the final goal of pipe welding. Progression is monitored and mastery of each technique is achieved by a combination of classroom, individual, and text book instruction. Graduates of the Welding program will be able to demonstrate competencies in flame cutting, electric ARC welding, gas tungsten, gas metal ARC welding, and flux-cored ARC welding processes.